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    My experiments with gardening - techniques, tools, plants, etc.

    My Experiments in Gardening

    Creating A Garden From the Scratch

    I am planning a rock garden in the front yard. A small pond in the yard, a tree, shrubs, flower beds, fruit trees, and many more. . .

    I also plan to have some hanging garden, a vertical garden, and indoor garden. I plan to do an indoor self-sustaining pond with lots of plants and fishes. The main balcony will have a hanging garden and all rooms also need plants, not to mention a kitchen garden too!

    Latest Experiments

    Recently I tried to make a self watering planter using plastic bottles that are usually thrown out.  The plant I picked is the curry leaf plant, Murraya koenigii. It is easy to grow if you live in a place with lots of sun.  

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